Tjoelup Purple Skirt Ladies Flex

Tjoelup Purple Skirt Ladies Flex

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Tjoelup Purple Skirt Ladies Flex


These specially designed Nursing Clogs are traditionally made with the finest leather and wooden soles.

All soles are carved from lightweight and durable wood where a pu-inflection point below the foot is placed.
This makes the Nursing Clogs flexible and allows you to unroll your feet.
You will not experience tired feet after a hard work day or night.

The special care/flex soles are extremely soft, absorbent and silent.
The selected leathers are very easy to clean.

Nursing Clogs by tjoelup® are distinguished by their hip, spirited and trendy look!


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Mærke Tjoelup
Varenummer PURPLESLF
Farve Violet
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